Complete Financial Department as part of Your Business
Up to date and accurate delivery of data & information we help you make the right business
decision on time.
Use your time to manage your organization, and leave the communication with the Banks
and other participants of financial sector to us.
Extensive experience of working within Banking sector guarantees professional and efficient
presentation of your Business / Project towards institutions that make decisions.
… Banks, Grants, Private Equity,…


LIBERFIN Ltd. is the complete Financial Department, specializied in providing Financial management services, Accounting services, Controlling services and Administrative tasks.

Our strength is the group of experts brought together in a team, which with their knowledge, skills and developed network of contacts in the banking / financial sector provide consulting services respecting the basic principle of business ”provide the client value for money”.



”Preservation of capital” in a way that we approach cost structure through controlling with a clear plan of acctions and then through analisys detect parts of business that needs to be optimized.


”Capital creation” in a way that through our daily activities we save your time and provide you accurate and up to date informations you need to make right business decisions on time.



Financial analysis
Raising Capital (Banks, Grants)
Communication with financial institutions
Investment studies
Price strategies and calculations
Market Analysis
Peer Analysis


Management Reporting
Risk Analysis and Controll
Investment Controlling
Cost / Benefit Analysis
Business Planning
Cash Flow Management
Accounting Controls


Creation of accounting policies
Incoming / Outgoing invoices / VAT
Asset / Amortization
Travel warrants
Financial / Statistical reports


Payment orders
Employ registry
On line services (FINA, Tax authorities, …)
Company Registration
Business address
Other documents


Vedran Petrušić

Director & Partner

Before founding LIBERFIN d.o.o. Vedran has worked in two leading Banks in Croatia in period from 2007. – 2015. during which time he had accrued substantial experience in financial advisory to SME companies. He has worked in the field of sales and acquisitions, risk assessment, investment management and financing, advising Clients in the activities related to obtaining grants, as well as restructuring and pre bankruptcy settlement.

His experience as a team leader in a Corporate environment ensures excellent knowledge in different areas of finances with main focus on Financial & Credit Analysis, Risk Assessment, Controlling and Accounting.

Vedran graduated 2007. at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, majoring in Accounting. In 2015. he completed education in the field of risk assessment ”Risk Academy” as part of the prestigious Italian international university SDA Bocconi.


m: + 385 (0) 98 184 2799   |   m:

Goran Barać, MBA

Direktor & Partner

Before founding LIBERFIN d.o.o. Goran’ has been working in two major Croatian Banks for over 6 years in positions of Relationship Manager, Team Leader and Sales Director. Goran also has substantial experience in field of Managing and Developing Projects in private sector.

Experience of working at management positions in Corporate environment now translates to helping Clients develop their organizations. Goran’s main experties are in a field of Structuring Business Transactions, Project Financing, Capital Acquiring, Business & Project Development, Setting up & Building Organizations.

Goran has earned MBA degree in Finance & Marketing in 2008. at IGBS Zagreb / Kelley School of Business, Indiana University, and prior to MBA study in 2006. he graduated at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, majoring in Foreign & Domestic Trade.


m: + 385 (0) 91 511 0477   |   m:


Quality of our People
Organization (Best of Corporate experience applied to SMB)
Business Culture – always developing and improving
Available, Fast & Adaptable
Responsible & Reliable
Limited Client number – Client / Employe ratio
Networking within Financial Sector
Complete Financial & Administrative services in one place
IT support



Liberfin d.o.o
Strojarska cesta 20
10000 Zagreb

+ 385 (1) 551 5676


Liberfin d.o.o.
Trgovački sud u Zagrebu
MBS: 080995696
OIB: 61088159297
Strojarska cesta 20, 10000 Zagreb

Account information

IBAN: HR7924020061100758389
Erste & Steiermarkische Bank d.d.

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