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A story of success – Camp Rehut from Murter

A story of success – Camp Rehut from Murter

Having a right business partner is sometimes of crucial importance for the continuation of business. A better and safer way to financing, better loan conditions and long-term cooperation were basic connections between Camp Rehut and Liberfin.

After they were rejected by their then bank for financing the extending the camp capacity, they decided to seek professional help. Having in mind that we specialize in financial management and that we have established relations with banks, they came to us. We soon found them a new bank that refinanced their existing loan and approved new financing.

Camp Rehut used the new financing for the extension of the camp. The new loan was given under better conditions than the last one – it had a lower interest rate and a longer loan repayment term. This suited the camp’s business and expected ROI terms. During the whole process, Liberfin took care of all communication with the bank and full documentation, including the drawing up of the business plan and investment study.

We are happy that this cooperation continued as we offer all support needed in the area of finance management to Camp Rehut, using all our knowledge and time. We see clients as business partners and we are there every step of the way. Together we build their story of success.