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We are a company dealing with finances, made up of people like you – people who want to direct their knowledge and skills towards creating additional value.

In Liberfin, we are devoted to our business partners and we do everything we can to help them make their financial operations work for them.

This devotion partially comes from personal experience of Vedran Petrušić and Goran Barać, which is why they decided to start their own company in the first place. Vedran’s and Goran’s life paths were similar, which resulted in starting their own company in 2015. They both graduated at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb and worked in corporate banking in the leading banks in Croatia. They were in charge of small and medium enterprises, worked on risk assessment, managing and financing investment projects, counselling the clients about activities related to business restructuring and pre-bankruptcy settlement. This experience gave them great knowledge in different financial areas, focusing on the management of finances and further development of companies. They specialised in the fields of financial structuring, project financing, increasing the share capital, project and business development, business analysis, risk assessment and business control mechanisms.

As colleagues who worked at the same bank at the time, they often discussed the benefits they could secure for the companies on the other side of the table, their then clients, through their knowledge. They often encountered companies that did not have the necessary knowledge that would help them understand what the bank expects from the company and which financial indicators should be presented and in which way, and all that would have secured them a faster and a more secure way to financial resources. Starting their own company was a logical step. They invested all their life savings and energy in establishing their own business under the name Liberfinliber meaning free and finances, fin in short. Later on, they came up with the slogan Set your finances free.

Liberfin’s core mission is to enable quality financial management to companies that do not have their own financial department, and secure a safe and fast way to financial resources to companies that need financing.

This decision proved to be the right one, because they soon had a remarkable number of clients they helped in realising their financial endeavours. For the first three years they were developing the processes for financial management, forming an accounting team, a team for establishing business plans and analysis, and finally, gaining their clients’ trust.

In the meantime, they hired new employees: Ines Barać Dumančić, Karmen Đakiv, Monika Poslončec, Katarina Bijelić, Matea Strunje and Katarina Anić Jerebić.

Today, Liberfin manages finances of companies specializing in tourism, IT, sports and recreation, service activities, wholesale, construction, pharmaceutics and health.

We owe this success to Liberfin’s basic principle – business partners should always come first. While we write the next chapter of our story, we stay devoted to the idea that our job is to help our partners in securing the time, expertise and timely reaction.