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Communication with financial institutions (banks, Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development (HBOR), HAMAG BICRO etc.)

We help companies avoid the usual scenario when looking for funds for financing company’s growth by financial institutions.

When an entrepreneur decides to get an investment, first they invest a certain amount of time to do their own research, calculations and put the numbers down. Then they go to a bank, where the staff asks them to bring a business plan or an investment study, depending on the complexity of the project. Then an entrepreneur finds a counsellor that draws up a “study” in two days, and that is it. However, when they deliver the “study” to the bank, i.e. when the bank goes through it and asks a lot of questions, that is when an entrepreneur realises that they are just at the beginning, so even if they decide to pursue the project, they spend another 5-6 months until the project is realised, in case the bank decides to finance the investment in the first place.

We help companies avoid all complications related to getting financing for their growth.

We save time, and time is money!

Why does Liberfin take care of all communication with banks?

We make sure you get the best financing conditions!

Liberfin’s employees have experience in working in banks on the preparation, analysis and monitoring of financing which enables us the following:

In the beginning, during the first meeting concerning the project, we can evaluate what information is important for an entrepreneur when it comes to investing, what information will be important for the bank, i.e. what will be crucial for the project to be understood by a bank and for it to offer the best financing conditions for the company’s growth.

This means that an entrepreneur saves time! For them to spend at least time as possible from an idea to the realisation of the project, it is essential to give over all communication with banks to experts who can recognize good sides of the project, understand what an entrepreneur needs to realise the project, structure financing optimally in accordance with the project, and finally, who know how to prepare the full documentation for the bank and adequately present it in the bank in order to get the best financing conditions for the company’s growth.

We build your relationship with the bank!