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It is easier with us!

It is easier with us


We support directors and business owners in making timely and appropriate business decisions. We help overcome financial management challenges to ensure the best business results for our business partners.

Our team of dedicated and responsible professionals with years of experience in the largest banks in Croatia, who have worked on numerous projects financed by banks, will help overcome the shortcomings of past and present challenges. We are here to help your business, to help you achieve greater profit and growth. We guarantee:

  • timely reaction;
  • professionalism and
  • time saving.

We contribute to faster and better strategic decision-making for business. As you make critical decisions about your business, we can help you understand what triggers profitability in your industry and compare your company’s performance to your competition.

We coordinate your finances with the company’s strategic priorities. In most cases, companies are struggling with the financial department being stuck in traditional accounting jobs while missing opportunities of strategic importance to the company’s business success. We at Liberfin help our partners consider all the opportunities, not only the obvious ones, and ensure that the result is consistent with the strategic goals.

Reducing operating costs. Efficient financial management will prevent unwanted situations and save money. We help you set your money, resources and capabilities free, because we effectively manage financial restructuring.

Timely information. We help you understand key business drivers and provide timely information that ensure support in business decisions related to driving activities.

We take full care of communication with banks. Focus your time on managing your business and let us communicate with banks and other financial institutions.