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Financial counselling

Whether your company is in its growth and investment phase or already in a steady phase, we will support all your efforts so that the final result is the best possible for your company.

If you are preparing for a financing project, we will do the preparation work for you and find funds for the realisation of your idea, as well as monitor its implementation. We will help you in the evaluation of the project, development of business plans, optimisation of financing sources and take care of all communication with financial institutions.

If your company is in a steady business phase, we will help you optimise your business, increase profitability, restructure your finances and refinance your liabilities.

Through financial analysis of your company, we will be able to point out advantages and faults in your business and tell you how to improve it.

We will enable you to make fast and timely business decisions thanks to our business plans.

We will also shape all that in efficient accounting that will give you a correct picture of your business at any moment.

Why is Liberfin’s financial counselling the best choice for your company?

Liberfin is proud of the fact that an entrepreneur gets a full financial counselling service at one place, i.e. financial director service, since we function as a full financial department.

A synergistic effect of our team of experts in finances and accounting saves time for entrepreneurs and gives them timely and relevant information in order for them to make right business decisions.